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What’s a Chic Chic?

Allow us to introduce ourselves…


We are Jess & Meg, and with our powers combined (mostly the power to make great soup), we are known as the “Soup Chic”…

The Soup Chic, that’s pronounced “chick” yah know,  got it’s start at the local farmer’s market selling our home made soups, salads and specialties. We have worked closely with local farmer’s and producers over the years getting to know them and their products well. There is a real struggle that us little guys face today against the growing monopoly of big business and the convenience that they provide to todays busy consumer. We aim to challenge that here, albeit humbly, with the opportunity to shop many local vendors with a unique one-stop online shopping experience.  Our “Chic Chic MARKETPLACE” project aims to connect local growers and producers with local customers through a convenient online marketplace. Along with Soup Chic goodies customers will be able to select local produce, meats, dairy and more for home delivery or pick up. Finding that the common disconnect to local goods in our area is often the inaccessibility of the product, we plan to bridge that gap and keep the flow of money going back into the community. YAY TEAM LOCAL!

We will be the first and only grocery delivery service in our area, and so much more! This website will connect consumer and producer, with vendor profiles and features taking them beyond the product and into the process with vendor videos and stories. Our blog will provide buying tips and recipes as well as a place for customers to interact. We want so much more than a website, we want community… and we hope you’ll join us in creating that here!

xoxo- Jess & Meg



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